Coloring for kids - Marine animals

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This virtual coloring book has been made to entertain and amuse children, with easy and difficult coloring even parents will want to get started.
With a simple and colorful interface you will quickly be immersed in the marine world, among fishes, jellyfishes, sharks, whales and all the others to color!

The game "Coloring for kids - Marine animals" includes the following features:

⁃ 60 coloring pictures of fishes, jellyfishes, sharks, whales, seashells, etc.
⁃ 44 beautiful and varied colors to let your child's creativity run free and bring the many sea animals to color to life.
⁃ A paint bucket to automatically color the coloring areas.
⁃ An eraser to erase the colors of the coloring.

Have fun with our coloring pages on the marine universe and its animals !
"Coloring for kids - Marine animals" can be used everywhere and without limits, at home, with friends, at grandma's or on transport for you and your child.
We would love to hear from you about our game, please feel free to leave a comment !